Logos | Branding | Packaging

Body of academic work showcasing creative branding projects and package design. Ideas to marketable product.

Conceptual Branding | Brand Identity | Package Design

Poster Design

Combination of aesthetic and informative design meant to captivate the imagination of the viewer.

2-D Poster Design | Typography | Pre-Press


A collective of commercial work and custom books created from scratch. Presentation of overall design work, layout, assembly of creation and photography of final works.

Design | Layout | Print | Assembly | Pre-Press


Freelance project along with a collegemate featuring complete creation of a graphic novel series for Author/Creator Lia Scott Price.

Art Direction | Graphic Design | Coloring | Illustration | Layout | Lettering | Paneling | Pre-Press

Various Works

Includes Photography, Drawing, Digital Paintings, Woodcuts and Ceramics.